The EARN ON CORRECTION binary options trading strategy generates signals based on Moving Average and RSI with 78% to 82% win rate. This strategy is designed to work with 10min to 15min expiry times, although you may use other expiry times as well. To do so, switch the asset chart to the desirable time frame and select the option expiry time accordingly.

Key Features

Difficulty Level 70%
Expiry Times 10min, 15min
Strategy Type Indicators
Win Rate 78%-82%
Key Tools Moving Average, RSI

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1 Open an Account to Start Using This Strategy

2 Set up Your Chart

Open to start trading with the EARN ON CORRECTION Strategy.

Open >

Select the asset you want to trade.

Switch to 1 minute time frame.

3 Apply the Indicators to Your Chart

Add the following technical indicators:

A blue MA (set the period to 7)

A red MA (set the period to 21)

Relative Strength Index (RSI) set to 45

Here is how your chart will look like when you apply the indicators:

4 Get Trading Signals

CALL Signal

  1. The RSI rises after entering the oversold territory
  2. The MA's cross bottom-up

Once you've got these signals, wait for the current candle to close and buy a CALL option.

PUT Signal

  1. The RSI falls after entering the overbought territory
  2. The MA's cross from top to bottom

Once you've got these signals, wait for the current candle to close and buy a PUT option.

5 Select Assets, Options, and Expiry Times

This strategy works well with volatile instruments, such as Forex currency pairs. Trade regular binary options with 15-minute expiry times.

Money Management Rules

As a binary options trader, you should always keep the risks in mind. This is why your investment amount should not exceed 2% of your account balance. Despite all our strategies being quite effective (around 65%-75% win rate), you should still stick to that 2% rule. To comply with this rule, however, you need to have an appropriate account balance, which should be at least 50 times bigger than the minimum investment amount allowed by the broker. To minimize your risks, you may want to check out our Binary Options Trading Risk Management article.

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